The translator
All translations are closely edited by Victorine van Rossem, a Dutch citizen who has lived and worked in four different English-speaking countries and on four different continents. MO-A Engels [Dutch secondary school teaching certificate in English], Tolk-Vertalers Opleiding Engels [English Translation and Interpretation Programme of Study] - switched to teaching programme of study) translation and editing since 1988 more than three years' experience in education - teaching English to speakers of other languages and music has owned and managed several different businesses since 1988.
The proofreader
Andrew-Glyn Smail is a native speaker of English who has lived and worked in four different English- speaking countries and on four different continents. BA (Law), LL.B. (not completed), MA English (Education), MO-B Engels [Dutch higher education teaching certificate in English], TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) Award, Administering & Supporting Microsoft Windows NT Networks Dutch-English translator since 1988 (certified) has lived and worked in the Netherlands for more than 16 years and has acquired Dutch nationality more than 10 years' experience teaching English to speakers of other languages spent three years serving as the head of the English department in a vocational college has served as the owner and director of various businesses since 1988 has been involved with computers since 1985 is the author of a book on word processing has established and managed two multimedia Computer- Aided Language Learning (CALL) centres has spent two years serving as the ICT manager and head of the English department in an international business school has been responsible for the installation and administration of Internet access for education and administration has authored this and other websites has written and published four books on horses and personal development in English.


We are a niche translation business which provides superior quality Dutch- English translations (certified and otherwise) to the legal profession, business community, financial sector and educational establishment. In this capacity we also serve some of the leading translation agencies in the Netherlands.

Knowledge and experience

Your translations are produced by the same team that operated the very successful translation agency, Anglo-Dutch Language Services, in Amsterdam in the late eighties and early nineties. Now active as Smail & Van Rossem, our professionalism is founded on extensive knowledge and experience. We are: qualified and experienced translators and former teachers of English certified Dutch-English translators proud of our record, which has seen us supply affordable quality translations on time ... every time ... since 1988.
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affordable quality on time ... every time ... since 1988

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