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We cannot guarantee that we can provide the cheapest translations. Neither can we guarantee that we are perfect. What we can guarantee is that we can provide the best possible quality for a reasonable fee along with the professional service that you are entitled to expect!
custom quoted fees
No two translation assignments are identical and many consisting of more than one document include duplicate texts. In addition, the level of linguistic complexity can vary greatly from one assignment to the next, not to mention the formatting and layout involved. For these and related reasons we have decided to abandon fixed rates in favour of fees that we will quote in the case of each assignment in order to reflect its unique demands more accurately. There is no compelling reason why we should charge a client the same rate for the translation of a simple, straightforward text as a fee merited by a more complex document.
or submit your own offer
Alternatively, you may have a good idea of how much you are prepared to pay for a translation assignment. If you do, why not submit your own offer along with the document that needs to be translated? The worst that can happen is that we decline your offer and submit a quote of our own. Of course, we may just surprise you and accept your offer. Would this not be a win-win situation for you and ourselves?
We do not claim to be perfect, merely professional. For this reason we offer you a free after-sales service. If you have any questions about our work, please contact us as soon as possible and we will address all of your concerns free of charge!
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