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We are committed to producing quality translations. In our view a quality translation is one which is not idealistic in its aspirations, but practical in its achievements. A quality Dutch- English translation can be measured by two criteria - it is readily intelligible to and effectively communicates with: 1. native speakers of the target language; 2. others who depend on the target language.

Fields of expertise

To the right you will see an overview of our areas of expertise along with a summary of examples. They are fields in which we have qualifications, experience or both. This means that we have actual expertise in these areas over and above experience of the language alone.


With years of experience behind us in the financial, legal, and ICT sectors, it has become the most normal thing in the world for us to store and safeguard data securely. We realise that securing our clients' data is as important as translation itself. All information is deemed to be confidential and is treated as such.
business plans, strategic policy reports, business reviews, human resources, staff handbooks, terms of employment and benefits, works council documentation and so forth.
policy statements, prospectuses, course and examination regulations, evaluations and so forth.
accountancy, stockbroking, investments, banking, insurance, pensions, taxation and so forth.
legislation, agreements, legal opinions, case law, articles of association and so forth - mainly business law, intellectual property, labour law.
information and communication technology projects, reviews, evaluations, reports, manuals and so forth.
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